At IsisArt  the possibilities are unlimited.

Do you have one of the following questions:

> a painting from our collection, but in other colors or size painting,
> 2 photos (or more) together into one beautiful painting
> customize background.
> One photo or painting of a 2-3-4-5
> Create a own idea to a unique work of art

Than is the answer to all the above questions is Yes!

Other questions:

How can I be sure that I will like the painting?

If you let a painting painted based on a own photo, we will send you  pictures of the painted painting.  If you still want to have changes, than this is possible. Only when you're completely satisfied, we will send it to you.

Orders from our own collection comes with the possibility to request a tailor-made advice, before the order is handled.
You email us a photo with the Interior part where the painting will come and we make a photo compilation with the painting of your choice and your interior. So you  already get a good example of how the final result is going to be.

If the painting is not to your liking, then we have the 14 days warranty on sight. Not good, money back

How long does it take to create a painting?

Every painting is hand painted. This  required some time. Also it needs to dry before there can be a protective varnish on it. Some paintings are in stock and can be delivered fast. Also a lot of paintings have a delivery time of 7-9 days. This is mentioned by the painting. Where there is no delivery time listed you must take into account a delivery time of about. 4 weeks. Should there be a delay, then we keep you  informed.

What can I do, if my painting turns out to be damaged upon delivery?

Every painting is very well packed before it is sent.  Should however a painting damaged when delivered, then we find a solution. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.
You should after receiving the painting  look for any damage and  notify us within 3 days, with photos of the damage

Can I get a discount if I order multiple paintings?

If you are interested in several paintings, then discount is always negotiable. Please contact us in advance through e-mail, in which you make your wishes clear and we make a sharp quote for you.

What does the Digikeur webshop keurmerk means?

Only shops who adhere to the Dutch and European rule-and legislation may use the label on their site. Any litigation you can always contact a Complaints Commission. Of course we will always try to solve it for you first. For more information about the Digikeur label you can visit their site: www.digikeur.nl

Is pay on delivery also possible?

This is possible, but only if the delivery place is in Holland. Please contact us by e-mail  For this service we charge an extra cost of 10.00 euro per painting.

My question is not here at all

you can you ask questions through the contact form. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible.