trees on a pond 08

handpainted art, green woods

trees on a pond 08
trees on a pond 08
trees on a pond 08
trees on a pond 08
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Any size you wish is possible

Choice between 2cm or 4cm thick frame
Trees on a pond 08

Handpainted art, green trees on a pond.

  • Modern painting,handpainted
  • This painting is painted by hand and it is stretched on a quality frame of 2 cm thickness.
  • The edges are painted as well and a hanging set is included.
  • The painting can be hung up immediately easily with the accompanying brackets.
  • Delivery all over Europe.

Larger sizes are possible, take a look at customization.
Do you want to see how this painting looks like in your home? Send us a photo of the room. We will make a free design for you.

Example of this painting in a living room

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Choice between 2 cm thick wedge slats and 4 cm
( 3cm thik frame possible on request)
modern-schilderij-opgespannen-op-hollands-vuren-houten-spieraamQuality stretcher  opspanservice-schilderij-opgespannen-op-vuren-houten-spieraam pine wood of 2cm or 4cm thik   opspanservice painting does not warp

schilderijen-opspanserviceThe sides of the painting have been painted. modern-schilderij a frame is not needed   modern-schilderij-kopensuspension set delivered

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